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Month: February 2018

Cost of Renting a Car and How to Keep it Low (Hint: Use A Coupon Code)


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At some point, renting a car remains to be the best option for you. Different companies in different states offer varying charges and if not careful enough, you may end up paying excessively. Learning how to keep the costs of renting a car low can help you save a lot.

The cost of leasing a car varies depending on many factors such as the type of a car that you want. Planning early enough can help you get the one that will serve you the way you deserve without having to pay more than you should. The following are important tips on how to reduce the cost of renting a car. They can guide you during your process of leasing a car.

1. Research online

You should start by making your plans early enough. With a timely plan, you can be able to research and compare prices offered by various companies offering car rental services at your desired destination. When checking the prices, ensure that all costs such as taxes are included in the tagged price. Researching online is important as it will help you make better choices and also notice where offers are available.

2. Do not completely rely on high profile companies

Many people tend to rely on high profile car rental companies because they seem to be more reliable. It is always important to note that there are local companies that can also offer amazing services in a reliable manner. Such companies commonly offer pocket friendly services that are completely satisfying. When making your research for the most ideal car hire company, do not forget to consider them for they can help you save greatly.

3. Avoid the last minute rush

Try and book for a rental car as soon as your plans are complete. Booking at the last minute can sometimes make you pay extra more as you may find it hard to get the car that you want. This may actually force you to get a different car and end up being charged more. Booking early enough is important as it gives you enough time to make enough research and comparison.

4. Have a price limit

The cost of renting a car should not leave your pockets empty. You should start by having a budget for the lease and stick to it. Consider all the charges that might be incurred when making the budget and make it totally realistic. Let your travel with the car be as much comfortable and economical as possible.

5. Return it full tank

Fuel can drastically affect the cost of renting a car. When hiring one, you are normally given two options. You can either pre-pay for the fuel or return the car with its tank full. Always consider returning it with its tank full because most companies charges extra more on their own fuel. Also re-fuel the car at a pump different from that of the company because it might be cheaper.

6. Use discounts

There are various discounts available. You can use them and save extra more while renting a car. You can findĀ car rental coupons and promo codes here that will help you enjoy great discounts. Use them to lower your rental cost and drive with extra comfort.

New & Revised Car Hire Guide for 2018

Best Tips For Car Hire & Cheap Car Insurance In 2018

Hiring a car is a good option if you want to travel or if you have an event. There are numerous car hire services so make sure that you choose the best one. Here are some tips from Belfast Car Hire to ensure you hire the best car for you in 2018.

Proper Licenses
Make sure that you check that the car rental service is legit. Ask them to show you evidence that the business is legal. All the drivers should be licensed and their fleet has to have registered cars. This prevents you from getting in a legal situation when you hire the vehicle. If they seem a bit shady then it is best to continue your search.



Always make sure that they have vehicles with the best safety measures. These days cars are equipped with the best safety technology in the market. Choose a car that will make you feel safe. This not only applies to safety when driving but also from theft. You should be confident that there is a very small chance that the car you hire will be easy to steal.

Ask the car hire service if they have insurance for the vehicles before you hire any car. You should also find out the specifics of the insurance. Find out what is covered. Keep in mind that cars that have more insurance will have a higher rental price. However, the more it is insured, the less you are liable for any damage or theft of the car when you have it. See the full guide to car insurance here – Cheap Car Insurance Reviews UK 2018.

Check Availability Of Vehicles
Always check that the vehicle you want to hire is available on the day that you want it. It is advisable to book the car several weeks before your trip or event so that there can be a car available when you need it. Waiting until the last minute is a bad idea because you may get the lesser attractive options in the fleet. It is also advisable to call the car hire service the day before you hire the car to ensure that the vehicle is available.



Think About Your Needs
Do not hire a car before you find out what you really need. If you are travelling alone then you do not need a very big car. Consider the distance and the purpose of the car as well.

Always ask if the prices cover gas before you hire a new or used car.

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